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CBC Listen

Scaramouche manager explains the ‘choreography before the dance’ at fine dine-in restaurants that make every visit special.

Yorkville Post

Keith Froggett, the star chef behind Scaramouche, on life after COVID and focusing on excellence.

Conde Nast Traveler

The restaurant swears by its “unobtrusive and respectful” waitstaff, which has helped keep Scaramouche a Toronto favorite for 35 years and counting.


After the opening of Scaramouche, chefs like Jamie Kennedy and Michael Stadtlander ran the kitchen until it came under the control of partner Keith Froggett around 1985, who’s still there. Other partner Carl Korte joined the team in 1990, and is also still there to this day.


Modern and creative flavours executed with thoughtful ingredients for a sophisticated dining experience.


Inspired by a renowned dessert at the Toronto restaurant, Scaramouche, our coconut cream pie incorporates white chocolate.

Trnto by Post City

Starting tomorrow, one of the city’s longest running fine-dining institutions, Scaramouche, opens its doors to the public for the first time since March.

Conde Nast Traveler

The views, the wine list, and the ethical cuisine makes Scaramouche a total pro move.

Timeout Magazine, the Top 20 Best Restaurants in Toronto, April 2019

Scaramouche consistently wins awards and accolades for its sophisticated yet accessible fare. Complimentary valet parking, expert service and a view of the city that’s a knock-out are just some of the reasons why locals and visitors have been coming back for over three decades.

Toronto.com Table, 5 Best [French] Restaurants in Toronto, 2019

Scaramouche has long been celebrated by customers and critics for its unwavering commitments to making each dining experience a memorable one.

Anita Stewart’s Canada File, July 2018

Scaramouche Restaurant with its incredible team (General Manager Carl Korte and Executive Chef Keith Froggett) have been setting the bar as high as it gets in Toronto’s dining scene since it opened in 1980. Few other restaurants in the country have been showered with so many honours.